Slow Celtic Sessions

Slow Celtic Sessions

To have your questions answered, or to get added to the email list for the monthly announcement of next month’s Slow Celtic Session (includes directions on how to find the Center), email us here.

These are informal gatherings of local and guest players focusing on Celtic tunes played in the session style. The goal of the Slow Celtic Session is to allow folks to ease into the Celtic tunes at a gentler pace. While the entire CFS Regular Celtic Session tune list is fair game, there are some suggested tune sets listed below that might help you get started.

“Should I attend?” Yep, if . . .

  • you’re a beginner who wants to learn to play Celtic tunes (though we assume you know how to play your instrument);
  • you’re not a beginner, but you’re new to Celtic tunes and want to ease in;
  • you’re not a beginner, but you want a slow pace to work on some techniques;
  • you’re conversant in one instrument, but want to dabble in another;
  • any other reason I’ve forgotten

Some simple guidelines for our Slow Sessions:

  • All acoustic instruments welcome. Fiddles, whistles, flute, bodhrans, bones, hammered dulcimers, accordion, mandolin, octave mandolin, guitars, bass, concertina, harp, and everything else I’ve
  • The format follows a relaxed Round Robin session protocol. Everyone is welcome to suggest tunes, though calling a tune does not obligate you to start it. That way, you can “call” whatever tune you’ve been working on. We’ll figure out how to start/play it!

Sessions usually run from 2 PM till 5:00 ‘ish. If your playing requires an armless chair, please bring one with you. All the chairs in the center have arms. Come prepared to play a lot!

Suggested tunes to start with!

Download this list HERE!

All the Regular Session tunes bundled together here in a Zip File!

Andy Irvine’s/Knocknaboul (Polkas)
Aran Boat Song (Waltz/Air)
Polka Set in A: Ballydesmond/Ger the Rigger/Bill Sullivan’s (Polkas)
Banish Misfortune/Shores of Lake Gowna (Jigs)
Bantry Bay/Harvest Home (Hornpipes)
Battle of Aughrim/Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine-Am (March/Hornpipe)
Behind the Haystack/Saddle the Pony (Jigs)
Blarney Pilgrim/Joy of My Life (Jigs)
Brosna Slide/Dingle Regatta (Slides)
Campbell’s Farewell (to Redgap) (March)
The Concertina/The Golden Stud (Reels)
Connaughtman’s Rambles/Cowboy Jig (Jigs)
Cronin’s/Rights of Man (Hornpipes)
Dark Island (Waltz/Air)
Fanny Power (Slow Jig)
Far From Home/Silver Spear (Reels)
Farewell to Whiskey (Slow Reel)
Far Away (Waltz-Air)
A Fig For a Kiss/Butterfly (Slipjigs)
Give Me Your Hand (Waltz-Air)
Hardiman the Fiddler/Another Jig Will Do/The Salt(Maire Rua) (Slipjigs)
Hector the Hero (Plus Harmony Part) (Waltz/Air)
Hewlett (Waltz/Air)
Inisheer (Waltz/Air)
Polka Set in D: John Ryan’s/Maids of Ardagh/Denis Murphy’s (Polkas)
London Bridge/Ballydesmond2/Rose Tree (Polkas)
Maid Behind the Bar/The Banshee (Reels)
Merrily Kiss the Quaker’s Wife/Garret Barry’s (Jigs)
Miss Monaghan’s/Cooley’s (Reels)
Merry Blacksmith/Dunmore Lasses (Reels)
Morgan Megan (Slow Reel)
The Munster Cloak (Waltz/Air)
My Cape Breton Home (Waltz/Air)
My Love is in America/Woman of the House (Reels)
Off to California/Galway Hornpipe
Padraig O’keeffe’s/Patsy Geary’s/Coleman’s Cross (Slides)
Peeler’s Jacket/Fermoy Lasses (Reels)
Rambling Pitchfork/Geese in the Bog (Jigs)
Rickett’s Hornpipe/Boys of Bluehill (Hornpipes)
Shandon Bells/Mug of Brown Ale/Six Penny Money
Smash the Windows/Lanigan’s Ball (Jigs)
Snowy Path/Foxhunters (Slip jigs)
Sonny’s/Tommy People’s (Mazurkas)
Southwind (Waltz/Air)
Star Above the Garter/Going to the Well
for Water (Slides)
Tripping Upstairs/Tenpenny Bit (Jigs)
Tommy Bhetty’s Waltz
Wind that Shakes the Barley/Rolling in the Ryegrass/Humours of Tulla (Reels)

Some older sets
that may still get called
from time to time!

Flowers of Edinburgh/Temperence Reel (Reels)
The Garyowen/Gobby-O (Jigs)
Humours of Glendart/Tobin’s Favorite (Jigs)
Hundred Pipers/Mucking o’ Geordie’s Byre (Scottish Jigs)
Polka Set in G: Jamie Allen/Maggie in the Woods/Rakes of Mallow (Polkas)
Mairi’s Wedding/The White Cockade (Marches)
Red Haired Boy/Merry Blacksmith (Paddy on the Railroad) (Reels)
Out On the Ocean/My Darling Asleep (Jigs)
Road to Lisdoonvarna/Swallowtail Jig (Jigs)
Shandon Bells/Tobin’s Favorite (Jigs)
Sheebeg Sheemore (Waltz/Air)