Come Play With Us!

The Charlotte Folk Society presents many opportunities to sharpen your playing skills, your songwriting skills, and even learn a new instrument. Come be part of it!

Complete Jam Calendar (Bluegrass, Celtic, Old-Time, and more…)


It’s a great time for bluegrass pickin’ in the Queen City and the surrounding area with multiple recurring jams (usually two a week). Don’t you just love that high-lonesome sound? Check our Bluegrass Jam calendar for a full list. CFS also hosts a bluegrass jam at each Folk Society Gathering concert – see our Gathering Calendar for details. Bluegrass jam songs often use simple structures and are a wonderful path to begin playing with others.

Bluegrass Jam Info and Resources

Celtic Sessions

The Celtic Sessions at the Charlotte Folk Society are informal gatherings of local musicians focusing on Celtic Tunes played in the session style. This is a repertoire session, and together we learn a selection of common Jigs, Hornpipes, Reels, and Waltzes from Ireland, Scotland, and Cape Breton. Our goal is to learn to play these tunes in the various styles that have been influenced by Celtic Traditions.

Questions? Feel free to contact us here.

Celtic Sessions Info and Resources


The Old-Time jam scene is going strong in the area with both long-running and new jams alike. You’ll hear a variety of tunes from the Appalachia and beyond. Here you’ll often find fiddles, banjos, guitars, a bass, and even mandolins, dulcimers and more. Jump right to our Old-Time Jam Calendar for upcoming jams. Or, visit our Old-Time Jams page to read more about the CFS-hosted jams (Old-Time Jams at the Gatherings and The Mint Hill Old Time Jam) as well as find a vast set of resources for learning the many tunes we play.

Old-Time Jam Info and Resources