Charlotte Folk Society and Tosco Music
2023 Swannanoa Gathering Scholarships

A partnership with the Swannanoa Gathering at Warren Wilson College

Applications are now open – apply by Sunday, January 22, 2023!

Each year the Charlotte Folk Society and Tosco Music award scholarships to the Swannanoa Gathering at Warren Wilson College to promising musicians who wish to further their studies by participating in the week long music camps near Swannanoa, North Carolina.

IMPORTANT! Please note that the deadline for application materials is Sunday, January 22rd, 2023 and that the auditions will be held at Myers Park Baptist Church the following Sunday, January 29th at 1:00 PM. 

Tosco Music and Charlotte Folk Society (CFS) offer six scholarships (4 youth and 2 adult) to The Swannanoa Gathering in partnership with Warren Wilson College.

2023 Swannanoa Gathering Dates:
Mando/Banjo Week: June 25 – July 1
Fiddle Week: June 25 – July 1
Traditional Song Week: July 2 – 8
Celtic Week: July 9 – 15
Old-Time Week: July 16 – 22
Contemporary Folk Week: July 23 – 29
Guitar Week: July 23 – 29

How to Apply:

Become a member of The Charlotte Folk Society or Tosco Music , if you are not already
• Apply online using the form links below, or request applicant material via email at or via phone at (980) 224-3110
• Write a letter describing your interest in acoustic music, reasons why you would like to receive the scholarship, and ways you hope to benefit from attending The Swannanoa Gathering; supporting materials are accepted but not required (examples: letter of recommendation from a teacher or mentor, brief history of music involvement, etc.)
• Complete the liability release form (signature of a parent or guardian is required for applicants younger than age 18 to indicate permission and release of liability)
• Submit completed application materials no later than January 22, 2023; applicants will receive confirmation by email once a completed application is received. Applications received after January 22, 2023, will not be accepted.
• Attend an audition and interview on Sunday, January 29, 2023
– Assigned audition times will begin at 2:00 PM. Applicants will be emailed their assigned time.
– No exceptions are made to the time and place of auditions and interviews.
– Each audition is limited to 5 minutes and may include 1 or 2 songs.
– Applicants may have one accompanist join them during their audition.

Scholarship winners will be announced at the conclusion of auditions. Scholarship winners may be given an opportunity to perform at a Tosco Music Party or Charlotte Folk Society event following their participation in The Swannanoa Gathering.

*APPLICATION DEADLINE: Sunday, January 22, 2023

AUDITIONS & INTERVIEWS: Sunday, January 29, 2023


2023 Scholarship Guidelines
2023 Scholarship Application
2023 Judging Guidelines
2023 Liability Release


Past Scholarship Winners

Youth Winners:

2019 Youth Winners

Hayden Walker
Marilyn Meacham Price Scholarship

Josephine Walker
William Thomas Covington Scholarship

Dylan Underwood
Spychala Family Foundation

Charlotte O’Boyle
Bob Horner Scholarship

Sally Hendrick
Jane and Will Salter Scholarship

2018 Youth Winners

Olivia Lindquist
Marilyn Meacham Price Scholarship

Aaron Stornaiuolo
William Thomas Covington Scholarship

Abby Floyd
Spychala Family Foundation

Jessica Lang
Bob Horner Scholarship

Asa Nelson
Jane and Will Salter Scholarship

2017 Youth Winners

Ruth Shumway
Marilyn Meacham Price Scholarship

Olivia Prevost
William Thomas Covington Scholarship

2016 Youth Winners

Sarah Lemonds
Marilyn Meacham Price Scholarship

Nick Tutwiler
William Thomas Covington Scholarship

Ginger-Gabrielle South
Anne Spychala Scholarship

2015 Youth Winners

Liam Purcell
Angel Paez

(In 2015 we awarded a second Youth Scholarship)

2014 Youth Winners

Sam Richardson
Mason Schmitt

(In 2014 we awarded a second Youth Scholarship)

2013 Youth Winners

Lando Pieroni

2012 Youth Winners

Joshua Gerrard

2011 Youth Winners

David Fee
Jake Bartholomew

(In 2011 we awarded a second Youth Scholarship in memory of Jim Price)

2010 Youth Winners

 Isabelle Young

2009 Youth Winners

Tyler Mitchell

2008 Youth Winners

Elene Clemens

2007 Youth Winners

Carson Hedberg

2006 Youth Winners

Avery McGuirt

2005 Youth Winners

 Morgan Wilder

2004 Youth Winners

Andy Edmonds

2002 Youth Winners

Amanda Wright

2003 Youth Winners

Maddie Howard

Adult Winners:

2020 Adult Winners

Beth Brown
Spencer-Bryant Scholarship

Diana Wade
Tom Kelleher Scholarship

Suzanne Williams
Jane and Will Salter Scholarship

2019 Adult Winners

Kat Finnegan
Spencer-Bryant Scholarship

Brad Lindquist
Jane and Will Salter Scholarship

2018 Adult Winners

Amy Nelson
Spencer-Bryant Scholarship

Mark Larson

Spychala Family Foundation

2017 Adult Winners

Debbie Bonkowski
Spencer-Bryant Scholarship

2016 Adult Winners

David Shumway
Spencer-Bryant Scholarship

Philip Weisenhorn
Anne Spychala Scholarship

2015 Adult Winners

Mary Shumway

2014 Adult Winners

Alan Davis

2013 Adult Winners

David Fee

2012 Adult Winners

Josh Campbell

2011 Adult Winners

David McGuirt

2010 Adult Winners

Carol Raedy

2009 Adult Winners

Jennifer Stanton

Pre-2009: No Adult Scholarship Awarded