Songwriter Workshop

Our Songwriter’s Workshop follows the monthly gatherings.

It is for beginners, as well as advanced songwriters wanting to share their music with a group that shares their passion for songwriting. We will meet in the second floor hallway near the elevators after the main performance.

Anyone can bring a song to share. The number of people who will be able to share will depend on when we get started (after everyone has cleared the entrance of the church) and whether they want their song to be critiqued. If you want your song critiqued, bring copies of your lyrics for everyone to read. Our first gathering will also seek input from the attendees regarding what they would like the songwriting workshop to accomplish.

The main goal of the CFS Songwriter’s Workshop is to help carry on the tradition of music and songwriting within our community. This is open to all ages. The elder songwriters can share their experiences and stories from days gone by through their music as the younger talents bring new awareness and perspective to the time-honored tradition of songwriting. We will all learn from each other. And after all, isn’t that what music is all about?